Indiana Limestone

Trusted Supplier for Indiana Limestone in Redford

When it comes to building materials, of course you want the best; your construction business depends on happy customers. You can secure the Bedford limestone you need from Redford Building Supply Co. We are a distributor of this beautiful stone and many other building supplies you will need for your construction project. As an Indiana limestone supplier, we offer only ILI-classified slabs. Your customers may choose from multiple colors and grains, including:
  • Buff, which comes in naturally light cream to brown colors
  • Gray, which comes in silver to blue colors
  • Bedford limestone with fine grain
  • Standard grain
  • Rustic grain
  • Variegated grain
Limestone Supplier — Pile of Limestones in Redford, MI
The grade and grain your customers select will determine the aesthetic appeal of the stone. For example, for customers who desire little natural calcite streaks, fossilization and/or pitting, you would be better suited to select one of our materials with a fine grain. If your customers want to see the earth’s geography in their flooring or whatever other use the plans call for this material, a rustic grain will give the limestone shelly and reedy formations that catch the eye and enhance the different hues throughout. Bring your clients in to view our building supplies, and let them pick the perfect stone.

Reliable Distributor Serving Westland & Detroit

When it comes to construction projects in Redford, Westland, Detroit, Livonia, Ann Arbor or Dearborn, you can count on Redford Building Supply Co. to provide you with the most beautiful stone. We have been a concrete, stone and brick supplier in the area since 1979. We know the beauty and durability of this stone and how it will work for your next project. Contact us at 313-534-5220 today.
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